Showing CP who is boss…


Do you know what, life is hard. Shit even at times. But who is always smiling? Freddie. One of the few people I know who I think, do you know what? If you weren’t smiling, I’d get it.

Having Freddie has taught me so much… how to love unconditionally, how to move on from things you shouldn’t have to, how to keep a diary (lots of appointments), how to see the best in the most terrible situations.

If you have me on social media you will know March was cerebral palsy awareness month. I don’t use this as a month to dwell, but a month to reflect and appreciate how far we have come. We didn’t have a diagnosis before Freddie was 2 1/2. After a ‘clear’ MRI, Freddie underwent a lot of genetic testing for things that only made me hope he had cerebral palsy. It was the best outcome, ironically after being so sad and anxious when he was born that it could be that. It almost helped being told it could be something worse to appreciate what it was.

We had F’s Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) review this week, it was amazing. Since October when we last updated the document, everything has changed. Even the way he eats! He is smashing every target and continuing to prove everyone wrong.

He came in to the end of the meeting and was asked, “what do you like about school”. He said maths and started counting in 2’s and 10’s. He was then asked what he didn’t like. He looked dubiously at his teacher and laughed, she said go on Freddie it’s ok. He said “I don’t like writing.” We knew this. He really struggles with writing, his arm is shaky. We then said “is there anything else you don’t like?” and he said “yes I don’t like being asked to try and write”. Everyone laughed, his personality is huge.

Each of us then had to say something we loved about Freddie, he definitely isn’t modest. Lapping it up! Between us we said, we love Freddie because:

“he is always hard at work at school” – the headteacher

“he has the biggest smile” – the SEN coordinator

“he is the most determined person I know” – me

“of this sense of humour” – the SENCO

“he is always willing to give everything a go” – one of the specialists

“he is always happy” – his teacher

How nice is that? It is all true, except the always happy part. He definitely drives me potty with his paddys about what is on TV, what is for dinner etc. But that is normal with any 5 year old boy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time, Natalie xx


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2 Responses to Showing CP who is boss…

  1. Theresa Waller says:

    Well done Freddie, love this what a beautiful smile X 💙


  2. Becksy says:

    Go Freddie!!! Keep smiling & keep mum on her toes xx


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