I just went and got married…


For those of you who didn’t know, WE GOT MARRIED!! I say this in jest, I think everyone knows. All of my friends text me on Sunday saying their news feeds are just our faces!

It was truly the most magical wedding month. The planning, the “wedmin”, the hen and stag do’s. We are so lucky and grateful to have such amazing, supportive friends and family who helped make it all possible.

The actual wedding… the rain woke me up at 6am. It was ironic, as Alanis says. It soon stopped. We decorated the room, I managed to eat 2 hash browns at breakfast, we all had our hair and makeup done by some fabulous stylists, we got dressed and then we went to the church! I got there and desperately needed the toilet, so did dad. We snuck in through a side door and one of the bridesmaids helped me graciously backward straddle the loo.

When the music came on, all my cares and worries left me. It was happening and there were 125 people in that church waiting to watch us say “I will”. I took a deep breathe and went for it. Stuart was waiting and he looked amazing.

The rest is history.

I made sure I took everyones advice; look around and take it in during dinner, dance, sing, laugh and don’t get too drunk. The day did go quickly but I remember every little detail and it will stay with me forever.

We haven’t got our professional pictures (obviously it has been an hour), but here are a few teasers stolen from Facebook from our lovely friends.

Both boys did gatecrash the cake cutting and first dance, but really that is what made it. Our boys are our world and without them, well, life would be very dull.

Now the wedding is over I am hoping to be back writing again, it has been a while 😉

Until next time, Natalie xx

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