Back to reality…


Well this is becoming a pattern, too busy to sit at a computer for 30 minutes and write anything down. I might have to start every post off the same, something like, “it’s been a while, the days are rolling in to weeks and the weeks months. I just don’t know where the time is going, I’ve been so busy, blah blah”. But I will try and be more creative than that. I have got so many unpolished but almost finished posts that I never get round to publishing. Mid-year resolution, make more time to write. Is that a thing?

We have been back from our honeymoon for 4 days, it’s like we never left. Returned home to two love-sick children, bad mum, and a serious ant problem in the kitchen. Both requiring lots of attention and don’t know how to fix either.

New York low down: drank a lot of frapes, cycled a lot, ate a lot, went up to the top of lots of tall buildings and clung on to the side explaining to passers by that I didn’t want to get too close to the wall incase it crumbled away, drank a few cosmos, drank a lot of froses (frozen rose wine with vodka – whats not to love?), saw a lot of marines (it was memorial weekend), rode the subway uptown and downtown, didn’t buy 25 Ralph Lauren t-shirts for Stuart like last time we went… you know. Usual New York stuff. It was a lot of fun, definitely our favourite place to go. Already planning the next trip with the boys. I always thought I’d like to go to New York in the winter, at Christmas time. But I don’t think I would. What we loved was getting up, putting on our summer clothes and just wandering around and doing all of the above things. In the winter you wouldn’t be able to do those things. People say they like to go for the shopping but the exchange rate is so bad it’s not worth it. In my opinion any way.

Mexico low down: slept a lot, sat in the shade a lot, ordered room services a lot, drank a lot on one day then couldn’t face alcohol much after that, read a book. I used to love a beach holiday. I would lay in the sun from 9-6 with the occasional pool break and a spot of lunch. Now I can’t sit in it for longer than 2 hours! I think I am just so busy day to day that much relaxation isn’t what my body needs. I’m glad we did it but I think I am a city girl. I like getting a guide book, working out what I want to do and having a good adventure. With the kids too!

12 days away from the kids, we missed them so much and are so lucky we had our parents to take on the job. The boys went to a caravan for a week and had the best time. They love a seaside trip. They missed us too, and this week they have been really well behaved (well Freddie has). A good, well deserved break from life to clear our heads and hit the reset button.

We returned home to our wedding photos and DVD. Stuart is yet to watch the film, he can’t bring himself to do it! Maybe after a couple of beers. It is really awkward watching yourself back. Am I really that annoying?!

Everyone keeps asking me if I am having wedding blues and am I missing it all. I’m not. I did a lot of planning and personalising; in the end it had wholly consumed me. It was such a fantastic day and I have the best memories but I am loving having my life back. Tonight I got in to bed with Freddie and we started a new Roald Dahl book, Billy and the Minpins. I read a few chapters of a story to him every night, but haven’t for a couple of months because I was too busy. I am so happy we’ve started it back up again, I have missed it so much and I didn’t even realise.

Until next time, Natalie x


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