Terrible two’s…


I’m overwhelmed. I think Cooper might be broken, he is erratic and behaving so strangely… oh no… it must be terrible two’s.

We were out the other day, and he got naked. It started earlier in the summer when we were at the splash park and he wanted to get in with no clothes on. Why? Because he is two.

He has decided he wants to run his own bath every night. He wants to have cold baths now. Why? Because he is two. It is actually really inconvenient he wants a cold bath because Freddie likes it so hot it could be confused with a jacuzzi. He actually asks for “a burny bum bath”…

Every morning Cooper has to choose his own clothes. If I take something out of the drawer he refuses to wear it, and if I manage to wrestle it on he takes it off again. Why? Because he is two.

Dinner time – we have cracked it now, but for a few weeks everything I put in front of him was disgusting, except broccoli. Why? Because he is two. In the end I shut him in the garden so I could eat my dinner in peace with Freddie, he didn’t like that and snapped out of it (after throwing stones at the window obviously).

Maybe it’s not because he is two and he is just a bum hole? Which is his favourite thing to say, along with “fuck it sake”. I didn’t tell him off, I just told him “that doesn’t even make sense”. What a response! I’ve lost the plot.

His inner daredevil has also surfaced, we climb up everything and jump off. Sometimes shouting “to infinity and beyond”. And I’m not talking the sofa, more like the little tikes house in the garden.

But I love him exactly the way he is. His spirit and sense of humour is amazing. Although this age is so hard, it is so much fun and rewarding at the same time. Except when he tells people he has two dicks and one bum hole. True story.

Until next time, Natalie xx




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1 Response to Terrible two’s…

  1. Theresa Waller says:

    Love reading your your diary, this one on Cooper is so funny .


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