About Me

Welcome to Diary of a Devoted Mum! I have just set this site up (November 2017) to hopefully help, guide and inspire mums and dads who are struggling to come to terms with issues surrounding having a child with additional needs, opening up about the daily battles of having one child who is ‘able bodied’ and one who sadly is not.

I am hoping my posts/links/references (whatever I share; I don’t really know where this path will take me) will be of use to you. I hope the site will make you laugh, help you through bad days and send you a virtual hug and let you know you’re doing an amazing job when you feel like you just don’t think you can take any more. I didn’t have anyone to turn to, who truly understood, when I was going through the early stages of coping having a child with additional needs and since having a small support network of people who know where I am coming from, it’s helped so much.

Making people laugh makes me happy, giving advise make me feel like I have made someones day a little easier and this is what I want you to get from me. A happy, honest, at times probably a little dull insight in to my world.

For me there is still a lot to learn, I want to share what I know and what I do but equally want to get feedback and hear your stories to inspire me more. If you ever want to get in touch, just visit the get in touch section on my page and drop me a line. I am always here to chat.

The blog is completely new to me… I have been keeping diary entries for some time now, just about my day to day life and I thought I need to get this out there. How? A blog. And I did it! I set up a domain, I changed my Instagram so it was no longer a personal account and I am throwing myself in at the deep end with no idea what to do. I am passionate about writing and I am so excited about this next chapter.

This leads me on to the personals… starting with my name might help! I am Natalie, I am 28 and there I am above in the orange dress loving life, out on the town child free. I have two beautiful boys, Freddie who is 5 and Cooper almost 2. We are very lucky to have Stuart, my husband to be. He is super hard working, hands on and just amazing. Freddie was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy when he was 2 1/2, after a long battle of finding out answers. Would you believe cerebral palsy was the positive options compared to what they were testing for! Cooper came along in Jan 2016, he is extremely forward and bright and has shown me the flip side of parenting. Many people say to me having Freddie must be really hard, both the boys are exceptionally hard in their own way! Hundreds of appointments a year with Freddie takes its toll, but so does chasing round a toddler making sure he doesn’t damage another part of the living room wall pretending he’s a builder!

Thanks so much for reading, I appreciate it more than you know x